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Pay Per Deal Affiliate Program Maximizes Lead Generation and Sales for B2B Market

You may have considered running an affiliate program through an affiliate network before. As an advertiser, it may have seemed like good way to generate leads and exposure, and to increase sales. And, a traditional affiliate program is a good idea for some advertisers…..but not for all.

For one, traditional affiliate networks are absolutely not for b2b advertisers; advertisers that sell very expensive, specialized products with long sales cycles. A typical client for a b2b advertiser is a multi-national corporation. Traditionally structured affiliate networks are not the best option for b2b advertisers for two main reasons; firstly, b2b advertisers typically close deals off-line and traditional affiliate networks only conduct business on-line, and no affiliate network (including such affiliate networks as IncentReward Affiliate Network and, deals with the very expensive, specialized b2b products (they deal with more inexpensive b2b products) that b2b advertisers need to sell.

Here are a few good reasons to look into IdeaMama Ad Network’s new pay per deal/cost per deal affiliate program (

· Lucrative Sales and High Commissions: IdeaMama Ad Network is a b2b marketing agency that works with such clients as high-end boat manufacturers, IT companies, and real estate development companies. These b2b companies sell very expensive products. Since affiliates make 10-20% on each sale they generate, the potential commissions affiliates can make selling an advertisers products or services are huge. This pay per deal (PPD) affiliate program is a completely risk-free undertaking for publishers who join the program as affiliates, as the only risk in the program for a publisher is the value of the ad space the publisher dedicates to the program. Other than unsold ad space, this is a completely risk-free venture.

· Patent Pending Tracking Technology and B2B Lead Generation: The foundation of IdeaMama’s PPD lead generation program is an amazing patent pending tracking technology. This technology enables affiliates to see the status of each lead they acquire through every step of the sales pipeline, along with the commission amount (both the $ and % value) they make on each sale.

This tracking technology lets an affiliate see exactly how far the lead has moved through the sales pipeline; from notification about a qualified lead, a sent sales quotes, estimates on the time it might take to close a deal with each lead and the details about signed contracts. No other affiliate network goes beyond just showing the quantity of captured leads.

This visibility will help with improving sales and lead generating, because when affiliates are actually able to see the status of their leads and high commissions, they will be motivated to generate the best sales leads and a sales increase for an advertiser. Plus, this technology (along with high commissions and potentially very high profits) will help attract more affiliates and better affiliates to participate in this affiliate program. A true win-win situation at its best.

· CRM System Marketing Online Software: When advertisers sign-up for an Elite account (the key to entering this cost per deal (CPD) affiliate program), they will gain access to a fully-automated CRM (customer relationship management) lead generation management system. Investing in a CRM system through other CRM providers would set you back thousands of dollars, but as an Elite account holder, you will receive full access to this pay per sale affiliate program’s CRM system when you purchase an Elite account.

The CRM system is an extremely beneficial software lead generation system for an advertiser, as it can track and monitor the success of a campaign’s central marketing activities. The system provides advertisers with contact information of customers and transparency of their partners activities, along with enabling advertisers to pursue new networking opportunities and business alliances, which can result in an increase in sales for an advertiser. Large b2b companies and smaller companies alike can make wonderful use of this CRM system.

· CRM System Email Tracking: The CRM system provided by the CPD affiliate program offers many great functions. One of the beneficial functions that the CRM system offers is email tracking. You see, in the affiliate program, affiliates (who typically do web marketing or internet marketing) market advertisers on-line through many methods, including promoting advertisers through email marketing campaigns. The CRM system allows an advertiser to easily evaluate the success of an email campaign through integrated response tracking functions and key campaign metrics. The email tracking function will allow advertisers to see which email campaign generates the most bounceback, open emails, click throughs, leads, closed deals and unsubscribes. The CRM system allows an advertiser to evaluate the efficiency of their campaigns, and to tweak and perfect their campaigns accordingly.

· You Can Add An Unlimited Number of Partners With The Pay Per Deal Program’s CRM System: Unlike other CRM providers, the Ad Network’s CRM system enables an advertiser to add an unlimited number of channel partners to their account, without any additional costs. The savings for an advertiser are absolutely astronomical.

· Off-line Support: IdeaMama Ad Network excels at performance marketing and knows how to increase sales for a company. Other advertising and affiliate networks give an advertiser a chance to run their CPA campaigns- where sales are conducted through on-line credit card transactions- by giving advertisers exposure on publishers’ websites. IdeaMama does this, too. However, this PPD/CPD affiliate program also connects an advertiser with well-connected affiliates (referral partners and resellers specifically) who do not have an on-line presence. These affiliates will expertly promote an advertiser’s campaign, generating larger leads than a campaign would generate with a singular on-line presence, which will inevitably result in increasing sales for an advertiser. The pay per deal affiliate program is virtually designed for direct marketers. The more ground a campaign covers, the better the chance for both a sales improvement, and better yet, plentiful sales. And, this new affiliate program does cover a lot of ground.

The IdeaMama Ad Network’s pay per deal affiliate program boasts the best marketing tools and marketing online software for the b2b market, bar none.

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