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Are these good intermediate trumpet brands? And if your a pro at playing trumpet id be happy to get your advic?

Im looking for a trumpet to buy, i cant afford the expensive ones, so im checking them out on ebay.
im in middle school, and i just got into jazz and symphonic band, and i have a stupid jupiter one, so i want another one.
so i was wondering if these were good brands.. and i want a silver trumpet.

-this is the url to a "gruksin" trumpet:


No, that's not true at all. Not all horns are created equal.
The cheap trumpets you find on eBay have poorly made valves and slides, terrible intonation, and crappy tone. In most cases they are completely unplayable after a year because of worn valves and sticky slides. Trust me, your Jupiter is ten times better than any of the "trumpet-shaped objects" being sold on eBay.
Your best bet is to find yourself a good used horn. Look for any of the following brands in good condition and it's hard to go wrong:


Pretty much any model by any of these manufacturers, while it may not necessarily be a top of the line pro instrument, will be far better than a cheap eBay horn.

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