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I had this guy lined up for a kill shot and I missed him.?

Have you ever been in the ring with someone and you got them right where you want them and you miss the shot that would have ended the fight ? How did it make you feel were you mad did it make you tired did it change the way you fought the rest of the fight. To this day I still don't know how I missed this guy maybe it was God looking out for both of us.

a couple of weeks ago i was sparring someone(boxing only) at my mma class..
most of the guys at the mma gym dont have good stand up so my boxing skills are superior.(not being a douche, just saying)
we were exchanging a bit and about a minute into the first round i decided to go for it.
i did one of those lunging forward bhop right crosses and landed flush to the face of this guy
in that same motion i was setting up to knock his head off with a left hook!!
i was kinda weaving for a second looking to hit him with a killer hook but i didnt want to hurt him.
i had him wide open for the left hook!!! i woulda focked him up if i woulda hit him with that but he is a sparring partner and that does me no good if he doesnt want to fight me no more. anyhow i didnt throw the punch and as i was letting him off the hook the trainer jumped in to stop it..
as time went on i was getting him clean right between the guard and the trainers were yelling at him to do this and that but he couldnt.. they called a time out and called him over and had me wait in the other corner. they were over there coaching him on what to do. when we started up again i was kinda being passive cause i knew i was kicking his azz. this guy popped me outta nowhere with the hardest jab i have ever been hit with!! i thought he knocked my front teeth out!! if not for my mouthpiece id be a snaggletoothed thug! and he busted my top lip big time! it instantly swelled up and started bleeding.. i backed off adn circled him and went back at him full speed after that. i kept getting him with jabs, then a one two, then a feint jab overhand right all day. i busted up his nose pretty good though. i popped him with three stiff jabs within like 3 seconds. the first one i saw blood slowly drip, then next one i saw it stream, the next one i saw it stream!! but yeah i vowed since them to go for all kill shot and dont hold back on anybody! i had a busted lip during christmas!! my photos looked like i had herpes!!

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