Trombone Mute

how do i prevent my trombone mute from falling out?

i have a stonelined trombone straight mute
whenever i put it in the bell it usually falls out unless i breath in the bell & i don't always have 30 seconds to breathe in the bell i may only have 5 seconds at times how can i get the cork to stick faster
it's brand new

One option is to take it to your instrument repair specialist and get it re-corked.

A more immediate solution is to apply the condensation to the mute instead of the bell. If you're not afraid of germs, lick the 3 corks (if you are afraid of germs, use your water spray bottle) before you put it in. Give it a little twist and you insert it instead of just pushing it straight in. You'll be amazed how much better it stays!

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