Durand Trombone

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Is E.F Durand a good Trombone brand?

I was just wanting to know because i've been eyeballing this trombone made by E.F Durand and i was wondering if its a good brand. Thank you for anyone who answers !

No. There are loads of chinese made instruments being sold for bargain prices at the moment - particularly on ebay. They are cheap for a reason - they are very poor quality and not suitable for anybody but a complete novice, and even then they would be looking for a new instrument in a matter of months. I believe it says something about being french engineered or somesuch on the instrument or advertising - don't believe it, they are chinese made budget instruments of little worth.

Check out the trombone forum for more help on buying an instrument. The following link discusses the Durand trombone you mention:


Please get a teacher or professional to help you in your purchase - it will save money in the long run.

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