King Bbb

where can I find an old tuba that nobody wants anymore?

It doesn't have to be playable.
My mom wants to make a fountain out of it for the garden, in tribute to my tuba-playing father :D he sort of likes all of his tubas though so.....

I found a 'fixer-upper' at a junk shop several years ago for $100; it was worth restoring, and for a total of about $250 it played and looked OK, even though it had 'U.S.' stamped on it. The manufacturer said it had been made about 1935...(King BBb).
They're out there, keep looking. A good used one, if you want to play it and not plant flowers in it, will run about $1000. New, $2-9000.

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vintage h n white king silver sousaphone double bbb

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