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How much is this old guitar worth?

I have an old Fender strat,an amp, and a case for it. How much could I sell all of this for? I put it for $150 on craigslist. Could I get more. I rarely used it but it is missing a string.

Hello there,
If you really want to get a better idea of the value of your guitar, you need to add some more information. We need to know if it is a Fender or a Squier? What model is it? Is it completely stock (any changes)? What year is it?

For the amp, we would need to know what brand and model amp. How old is the amp?

For the case, is it a hard shell case or a soft gig bag?

The general rule is that used gear in very good condition and completely stock (no modifications) will bring half the new price. So if you have for example an starter pack that sells new for $180, you can expect to get $90 for it.


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