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Trumpet mute comparisons?

I am thinking about getting a trumpet mute. The Straight Mute I'm using right now is Stone-Lined. They're descent, but I would like a better one. The ones I am thinking about are: The Bach Stradivarius Elite and Ultra Mutes (I'm not sure which one of those two is better,) A Jo-Ral mute, or a Dennis Wick. If you have a recommendation, or know anything about any of these mutes, please answer. Thanks.

Denis Wick, Tom Crown, or Jo-Ral are very good, and very widely-used mutes. You won't regret owning any of them. I have used a Tom Crown for years.

As for a cup mute, the Denis Wick Adjustable has become a standard fixture for many players. However, if you are playing in a jazz band, I recommend owning a Humes and Berg Stonelined Cup Mute. It produces the type of sound that is considered the "standard" in cup mutes, for most jazz musicians.

After that, you may want to add a Harmon mute. No question... the Jo-Ral Bubble Harmon Aluminum Mute is the way to go.

Other than those three, about all you would need is a plunger, to have a working musician's mute quiver. The best plungers can be found at your local hardware store. They always laugh when you tell them that you won't be needing the handle. About a 4" or 5" plunger is the right size to buy.

Best of luck to you!

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