Denis Trumpet

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Trumpet or Saxophone? ?

Which one do you think sounds better? Im trynna play me some funk you can't fake.

Both are amazing for funk! If you want to pick one, listen to funk songs where both appear. Listen to the Brecker Brothers' Some Skunk Funk and Roy Hargrove's Quintet with Strasbourg St Denis.

Trumpet has fewer fingerings to memorize, however, many notes can be played with one fingering. You need superior control of your embouchure. Your face and mouth will get more easily tired in the beginning, you will need to build strength. Trumpet is buoyant, brassy and fun! It's also easier to maintain it has lots of accessories to change up and modify it's sound. Trumpets have better control over dynamics.

There are more varieties of saxophone so lots of fun! The common ones are soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. They are, however, harder to maintain with the constant replacement of reeds. Your lip will get sore in the beginning from biting down on it, but who cares? Though it's easier to pinpoint notes -one fingering for each! Fingerings are trickier to memorize and there will be the occasional squeak. However, saxes in general have more liberty and speed advantages when playing. Saxes also tend to have a wider range in general! Saxes are smooth, sophisticated and sexy. :)

Pick which one you feel right with. What can you see yourself with more?

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