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What should I bring for an on-site interview?

Graduating senior, interviewing for finance position at big computer company..I've alreadly had the 1st interview when they came recruiting at my school and I used a padfolio to hold my extra resumes etc.. But now I am going to their office and I'm pretty sure it is going to be a half day thing and I also want to bring a bottle of water and maybe a granola bar too... I was thinking, can I buy one of those business cases/bags thingys and bring that? Is that professional?

Don't bring you own food or water. Usually they will offer you a beverage. And it's not inappropriate to ask after a period of time answering quesitons. They know your nervous.

Don't eat during an interview. Ever. Eat before you go. Make sure you remove any food particles before entering the building.

They may also take you to lunch and sometimes dinner. Let the interviewer lead that part. Remember if you go to a meal during an interview that they are evaluating you on your social etiquite. Don't order a sloppy joe or anything you have to eat with you hands. Don't order foods that may get on you clothing like spagetti. A meal with chicken breast and a side will be good. Don't talk with you mouth full and use you napkin after each bite. Continue making eye contact when answering questions. Stay away from any "taboo" subjects like religion and politics. A lunch/dinner is meant to relax you, but you are still under the microscope.

I would bring you padfolio with extra copies of your resume as you did before.

I have always asked the person I set the interview with if I need to bring anything and they are happy to offer information. I even ask if there is a dress code. The last interview I was told "DO NOT WEAR A SUIT - WE ARE BUSINESS CASUAL" That was strange, but it was there culture, not mine. So I wore a new dressy polo and new dress pants. The interviewers made a comment that they were happy I did not wear a suit This shows that you can follow directions.

Good Luck! Hope you get the job!

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