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a good book?

I love my boyfriend to death but he is really bad with money. He earns pretty good money but as soon as he gets paid, he looks for ways to spend it. He'll buy stuff for him self, buy me things, gets the most expensive stuff at the supermarket, insists on always going to the fanciest restaurants, etc. His credit cards are maxed out, he hasn't made payments in over a year and it doesn't even worry him. By the end of the week, he's out of money, but it doesn't worry him cause he gets paid tuesday!

I've tried to talk to him but it's no use. I don't want to make him feel like I'm trying to control his money cause that'll work temporarily and then he'll just go back. I want to try to help him change his mindset of living paycheck by paycheck and have an overall better understanding of saving and finances.

He likes to read, so any good book recommendations?

there are so many of them -

david bach series
suze orman series

go to the bookstore and look for either of those authors, then stand in that section and find a book you think he will read and like. they all say more or less the same things but iun different ways so some work better for some people than others.

good luck!

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