Bach 3c

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What trumpet mouthpiece should i get?

I do jazz at school and plan on doing some mariachi christmas gigs in a couple of weeks
I have been thinking about a 3C or a 5. I currently only have a standard 7C

k so you are in school. I'm guessing high school? The person above me suggests a Schilke 14A4a... and it's a good mouthpiece and there is nothing wrong with using that mouthpiece as a lead mouthpiece some day in the future... only issue is that it's a one purpose mouthpiece. It has a very harsh/nasty sound that is perfect for high, screaming, lead jazz trumpet... but not for much anything else. This also hurts more beginner players that don't have a very strong established embouchure and leads to a very bad sound...

Considering that you have a 7C mouthpiece, jumping to a Schilke 14A4a would also be a very huge jump. I would suggest trying a Bach 3C or a Schilke 15B. They are very similar mouthpieces... it's really just personal preference. Later in your career, you can mess with the Schilke 14A4a but I would try the Bach 3C or Schilke 15B first for a while. The Bach 5C is like the Bach 3C but has a slightly smaller rim.

btw, MSBOA all-state jazz is a rigged system where the judges pick who they think sounds good out of the audience... means nothing. Also, Michigan high school trumpets minus one completely suck ass... so a monkey could get lead in MSBOA jazz right now. Majoring in jazz at community colleges also is really prestigious...

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