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What horse boots to use in a trail ride?

So tomorrow I am taking my horse out for a trail ride. I was wondering what boots I should put in him, or if I should use any at all. I usually do not put boots on him just because we go through water, but sometimes we go to an arena that's across the river and I feel the need for Them. Do what do you think I should use?
I have polo wraps, splint boots, bell boots, and Sport medicine boots for front and hound legs.
I also have ankle boots, icing boots, and vet wrap but I doubt any of those will be needed!
I was thinking polo wraps just for front legs since you can just throw them in the wash after the ride. What do you think?

I don't think you should use any.
I wouldn't want something from the water getting in the wrap between his legs and causing him pain or discomfort.
If you are going to an arena where you will want them, attatch a small saddle bag ( with the polos and a towel and face or body brush (towel dry and brush the legs pre-wrapping). Or wear a little back pack, that would work too. This bag would work: http://www.horse.com/item/600-denier-horn-bag/HBT04/

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