American Horn

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How do you set up the seating for a French Horn Quartet?

This the first time I've been in one and same as the other players. Also is there any other things i might want to know about horn quarterts?

There are two common setups. The most common is 2x2, two players in front, two in back with the back chairs offset so that the players in back can hear the first horn players, so like this
1 _2
_3 _4

Slightly less common is an arc 1 2 3 4. Making a semi circle is important for all four players being able to see each other.

Go on youtube and search for videos. I imagine you will see both of these setups and maybe something else too. Also make notes on the pieces they play and which ones you like. There is lots of repertoire out there. Listen to the American Horn Quartet, and works by Kerry Turner. Playing in a small ensemble like this, it is very important to listen to each other and watch each other. Without a conductor these are essential skills.

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