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At what age should you straighten your hair by yourself?

I don't know how to straighten my hair? I have have very thick hair. I am African American French and Indian. Every time I try to straighten I burn the hair. So what age could you straighten your hair and how do you straighten hair

There is no definite age at which you should start straightening your hair, it all depends on you. I started at 11 and I have never once burned my hair. Before straightening it your hair needs to be washed conditioned and completely dry, you should also use a serum or some kind of heat protectant and never take more than 12 seconds on a strand of hair at one time! I have thick and fairly long hair and it takes me about 11ish seconds to straighten my hair, sometimes I have to go over it again but you want to give your hair a second to cool off. Never hold the flat iron on the ends of your hair it will burn them out and your hair will look frizzy if you want curl or a little bump start at the root, if you want a bend start pulling your hair from the root down and then you don't have to spend anytime on the ends of your hair. That's it and you should be good :)

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