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I want to copy data from a old hard drive i took out of my old computer. I dont know how to do that.?

I took it out of a old gateway computer i had. Is there a cable kit i can buy or something.

Yes, there are several models and prices of cables and external drive kits now available.

The one listed here for $44.95 is pretty expensive for a kit that doesn;t offer an external case with it too, or even a power supply for the drive.

I use a cabling kit from under their hard drives page that runs about $9.00 for the kit which includes both the USB-IDE adapter (data) cable and a seperate power supply for the wall. They also have one that does SATA drives for an extra I think $4.00 more. Their lowest shipping charges are $9.00 across the US.

There's also another option that won't cost you an extra cent if You have a desktop computer and not a laptop or netbook. You can just install the drive as a secondary drive INSIDE your computer and it will use power from the system itself. It also makes the copying process a heck of a lot faster than using the drive externally through USB.

But You MUST be familiar with opening a system's case before You attempt this way, and knowing how to set a hard drive's JUMPERS for master/slave is good to know also. Otherwise go with a simplified geek's kit or they also have the external cased kits too for less than the $45.00 in the other answer.

Good Luck!.

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