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What kind of flute would you recommend that I buy for my daughter who will be starting marching band in school?

My daughter was playing the clarinet and decided she'd like to try the flute - so she is a beginner. What brand would you recommend? Would you also please explain the difference between open hole and closed hole? Also, do I want to buy it in the key of C?

Well, in marching, your instrument will be on the ground, rained on, stepped on, ect. Get her a beginner yamaha flute. Open holed means that the keys have holes on them that she'll have to cover up along with pressing the buttons- but you can buy cheap plugs. When she advances in flute. she'll awnt an open holed flute. I took mine out after 4 months of playing. So you would eventually want to buy her an open holed flute if you get her a closed holed one.

Sooo.. to answer your question: Beginner yamaha (series 300 I'd recoomend) open holed.

And buy her a C foot flute. She wont need a Bflat one as a beginner.

Good luck to your daughter.:)

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