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Used trombone? Yamaha YSL-354 Best answer 10 points!!!!!!!!?

I recently bought a used Ysl 354 trombone, and there are several dings on the slide end and a very small ding on the inner slide. I cleaned and lubricated it, and it seems to workk fine. Is this Ok? also it seems to make a noise when i pull the outer slide down near the stockings. what is it?
also i have some tarnish i think? on the tuning slide. Will yamaha lacquer polish get red of it? thx

First of all congrats! the YSL-354 is probably the best student model in production right now. If the slide works fine, I wouldn't be too worried about it. You could probably get it checked out by your local brass tech (find out who they are, you'll need them eventually) and see what they say. Its hard to judge a slide without seeing it in person. I wouldn't mind the tarnish, after all, its all about how the horn plays... not how it looks. If the lacquer is gone from that area don't mess with it, most likely you'll only cause more harm.

I run a trombone/euphonium blog and website, the link is below. Check it out and if you have any more questions, feel free to email me. My contact information is on the website under "Contact Me"


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