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1991 Integra Exhaust where am I going with this?

In an attempt to get my Integra back on the road, I know exhaust work is certain. At my local shop, the price quoted for a 2.5" diameter "custom" catback was $350. I didn't like those figures given consideration the crush bends and cheap exhaust tubing. I know that I want 2.5" exhaust running under it.. fact. I see on ebay and everywhere else - - Catback Exhaust Systems T-304 Mandrel Bent blah blah for between $150-200. My problem with those is when I see that giant canister-shaped muffler... the one that makes that awful sound like someone dropped a vibrator into the john on an airplane. I am too inept to figure out what pieces I want to create a catback exhaust with a reasonable muffler. Anyone know of any pre-designed catback systems that aren't both arms and a leg price wise? I don't wanna spend more than 350. Thanks

vibrant exhaust are greatttttttt for integras. i used to own a 98 integra but i had the coffee can exhaust. you can also but the stainless steal kits on ebay, cut the muffler off of that one and put a actually muffler not a coffee can. just have someone weld you the muffler on it. look into the vibrant exhausts. they look good on civics/integras

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