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Do you burn as many calories walking a mile as you do running a mile?

I just prefer walking to running.

The truth is that speed does matter. Running burns calories at about twice the rate of walking. Part of the explanation is this: when you exercise, you burn five calories for every liter of oxygen you consume. Running involves the consumption of a lot more oxygen than does walking.

How many calories you burn running or walking also depends on your weight and other factors. However, in general, running burns about ten calories a minute, whereas walking burns about five calories a minute.

At this rate, walking at the pace of a mile every fifteen minutes calculates to seventy-five calories burned. Running at a pace of a mile every ten minutes adds up to about one-hundred calories burned. This is good news for walkers AND for runners, depending on how you look at it.

For walkers, these stats verify that walking is a great way to burn calories. Counting the calories burned mile for mile, walking isn't far behind running.

For runners, these stats verify that runners can burn calories a good deal faster than walkers. Because running takes less time to cover the same distance, a person who runs ten-minute miles for an hour will burn about six-hundred calories. A person walking fifteen-minute miles during that same hour's time will burn about three-hundred calories. Thus, if you have a busy schedule and want an exercise routine that burns a lot of calories fast, then running is a better bet than walking.

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