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Another theory on relationships!?

Relationshisp are disposable.That's what the benefit is of the progression over the past 50 yrs or so. Its not becuase Love is any better, or COMMITMENT is any stronger.That one is laughable! And don't tell me that it is. Its because you can dispose of a spouse or a partner easier today, then you could have 50 years ago.You don't really have to really try or some cases, care.Isn't that exactly what changing times have meant? Disposability? I mean yeah people can choose to be with ever who ever they want.But has really led to better relationships these days-stronger commitmenst? No. And what does say about us, that the disposability of marriage/arelationship has become a plus? It once again comes down to that question. Do we fix problems in this world or just find cop-out sloutions? THOUGHT?

PLENTY! YOU BREATH OF FRESH AIR YOU! WOW I'M ALMOST CRYING! Really glad to met you, finally someone I don't have to explain how screwed up societies views of love and relationships are. Your right to! Also should add how unatural it is for us to do this, how it forces us into a situation were we have to survive for ourselves which is exactly what makes us so amoral about this stuff. Its said to because human bonds are design to last for ever, so what we've ended up with is a society based on denial. It comes down to a very flaw'd, very quoted, very ignorant saying "Prusuit of Happiness" you can't prusue happiness, its a romantic notion and romance isn't reality. Which is also why they do it, for that tall dark stranger, or that special soul mate they havn't found yet. So its the old carrot in front of the horse on a trendmill social control method that keeps the whole thing "Stable". But lets just say that you hit the nail on the head, if we fix this one problem we actually fix all the worlds problems, but since we don't its a wonderful exciting cop-out society! Drug abuse, pediphila, rape, thevery, almost all of the social problems in this world can be traced back to a relationship or several that were treated like this and hurt that person so much that the only thing that could of fixed them (a good deep geniune relationship) can never be found again.... social control thru social insecurites, or government isn't stupid.....

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