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Can I sell my puppy for the price that I bought from the breeder?

I bought a 10 weeks old bichon frise puppy last month from a breeder. But because of family emergency issues, my family have to go to another country at the end of this month for I donno how long, and I want to sell the puppy. Can I sell it online? How much can I sell it for?

If you can return the pup to it's breeder, then that would be great. But sometimes you can't for reasons only you and the breeder know so you won't have a choice but to put the pup in a new home.

You can sell the pup for how much you want. I bought a female Yorkie from someone who purchased the pup from a breeder a couple years ago for $700 more then what she paid. Why? Because I wanted THAT puppy and she had to pay for many things while the dog was in her care(including vet care, shipping, etc.). She wanted to recoup what she lost. Even if she would have charged over $1000 more then what she paid, it was her perrogative to charge what she thought the pup is worth.

At the end of the day, you can give the dog away or charge over double. It's your dog! No one can tell you how much to charge or how ethically wong it is to charge what you charge. And I would assume you may include the pups things, so it's not wrong to want to get your money back while placing the pup into a great home.

And you can sell the pup online. If you are weary about placing the pup in a different state, you can Always personally delivery the pup so you can come face to face with the new owners. It's what I do. I hate to place a baby in a home where I haven't even came face to face with the person. So I charged $400 shipping charge to be able to personally deliver the pup.

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