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how many walks a day would a Boerboel need, It wouldent be a walk of the block it would be a few miles?

and do all dogs NEED walks in the morning or can they just play in the garden and wait until the afternoon and with a Boerboel can they be happy outside in a dog cage (BIG) or in the house where there is cats and would they escape there territory because I need to know if a guard dog would leave the homeland at all since down the street from me is a boxer dog and that escapes all the time and thats supposed to be a guard dog so i was just thinking would a Boerboel which would be trained the basics actually escape and leave its family

Here's a link to Boerboel info, that answers this question and many of the others you have asked here on Yahoo.

Consider doing a search on Yahoo with the word "Boerboel" in them and click on a breeder link in the results. Most breeders have a FAQ or BREED INFO link on their site and that will be a MUCH better source of info than Yahoo Answers. Many people here have the best intentions, but really aren't the best source of that info for a rare breed that most people know little about.

Good luck.

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