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Having a Fiesta theme New Years/birthday party?

It is my husbands birthday (yes right on New Years eve) and I am tired of having the usual decor, so I switched it to a fiesta theme. I am TRYING to keep this low budget on decor so I am asking for any ideas I might be able to make on my own or buy cheap. Naturally trhe food is all Mexican and I got the tableware. Decorating is the issue. Thanks!!!

Your best bet for low budget decor is balloons and crepe paper streamers. Go with a bright color scheme like yellow, orange, magenta, turquoise. Match your paper goods if you picked them out already.

Tissue confetti is another great decoration. Sprinkle the on the tables. You can also fill some balloons with confetti and pop them at midnight!

If you can afford it, hand out plastic maracas instead of the traditional horns. They are the perfect noisemaker for a New Year's Fiesta.

Why not make a few banners with fun New Year's/Birthday sayings -

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Four... Brian is 39 no more!
Lots of Margaritas, a little salt and lime, New Year's Eve... It's Party Time!
Nacho Average Birthday Party!
After this Fiesta you'll need a Siesta!

We actually have a New Year's Eve Fiesta party on our site with more ideas -

And here is a fiesta party with even more ideas -

Great theme! Have a fun time with it

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