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Does braces affect the way you play an instrument?

The kind of instrument that you blow into. Also do you think I should learn how to play the saxophone or French horn? Please give me any info on these subjects, thanks! :)

WHAT?!?!?! OH MY GOSH!!!! HOW COULD YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION?!!??!?!? You should DEFINITELY choose the FRENCH HORN!!!! Saxophones steal horn parts! And even though they're really easy to play, it's hard to play different styles unless you're really good (they are a jazz instrument). There is only one word to describe the french horn: AWESOME!!! even though it's a difficult instrument to play, once you can play it, it's VERY rewarding!!! The french horns get all the cool parts in music, especially in movie soundtracks. You can judge a song based on how good its horn part is, in most cases (ok.. well that's how I judge them.... but if a song doesn't have a good horn part, it usually isn't a great song...) hmm... It's a beautiful instrument and it's tone is also beautiful and flexible. It can sound extremely brassy or extremely mellow, and YES a french horn CAN play jazz. Horns are the only brass instrument that can play in both brass ensembles but also woodwind ensembles (especially woodwind quintets). It has a huge range, too. And, since hardly anyone plays it, you will get a lot of attention, even if you're not that good! There are so many sax players, so if you're just good, you won't get anywhere. But, if you're just an average horn player, people will WANT you! And if you're a really good horn player, people will BEG for you! Trust me, this is a VERY good thing!!! you won't be recognized as a good sax player unless you're extremely talented because there are too many just good saxes....

In general, the FRENCH HORN IS AWESOME!!!

And for your braces, it does affect the way you play an instrument. It makes some people worse, but it actually improved my playing. And i never got any cuts or anything from it (probably because i didn't use too much pressure... ). But, it doesn't take too long to adjust. It might take some people a few weeks, but it took me a few days to get used to playing without braces when i got them off. But you certainly can still play with braces, so don't let them discourage you! it might be really good if you're start learning an instrument with braces on because you'll learn quickly to not use too much pressure :)

And remember, the FRENCH HORN is awesome (i'm trying to burn this into your brain... but i don't know if it's working, lol)

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