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I found a blackberry and need some help with it?

Its a pearl. Theres no signal, no pictures, no contacts. The last phone call made on it was almost 2 months ago. Theres nothing on it at all. I was thinking of keeping it but i dont know if its prepaid or contract, is there a way to find out? And if its prepaid how would i add minutes? if theres no signal. And theres the password keeper how would i open it? And there is still a sim card. So should i keep it i already have a cell a double flip only a few months old or should i keep the strange new looking blackberry with nothing on it?
And i would return it but the only number called was 411, And theres nothing else on it not even an owners name.
and i found the number and the area code is not even from around my area its from south more like kamloops and abbotsford. The area code is 788

With all of the security issues on that BB you will have to find out which carrier it was assigned to and then return it to the owner.

Lost and stolen BB's are pretty useless because of many roadblocks to unauthorized use. Sorry.

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