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Help Identify Rollie womens pocketwatch?

Hi there.. I have picked up a womens Rollie pocketwatch, swiss made, 17 jewels, hunt casing, incabloc. The outside of the case has a colorful victorian type picture of two women lounging or it could be one man and one woman. The case is gold in color and slightly smaller than a quarter in size. Its very clean and old fashioned but I dont have a clue to the age or dollar value as its not clear on the web.

Incabloc refers to a type of shock-resistance around since the 1930s so your watch is no older than that. As a consequence the jewels are certainly synthetic and have no real value, but are none the less necessary for the functioning of the timepiece. Seventeen jewels make it fully jewelled, but indicate it is not a high quality timepiece in which typically 21 jewels would be used. Although Swiss watches have a certain cachet, there are also many good but unexceptional watches with swiss movements, and I am pretty certain that is true of yours. Even the name suggests it is a low-end model as this is not a famous brand - indeed is the slang name for a Rolex, which of course it is not. I also suspect it's presentation of being old-fashioned is intended to add to its charm rather than indicate its antiquity. My estimate is this watch may only be worth a few dollars in good condition, perhaps in the range $10-50. A reputable watch repair shop would be able to confirm this by inspecting the case and movement.

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