Extraordinary Horn

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Does this one move you in a poetical direction?

I climbed the stem of a rose
To the center of love and danced.
The music was lovely.
A hummingbird conducted a surreal orchestra,
Which included a percussion section
Made of mushrooms and turtles.
The quills of a million porcupines
Became xylophones.
The bells of a tulip field,
Made for extraordinary horns,
While the calls of larks were splendid oboes.
The synchronizing of a waterfall,
Served as cymbals.
I felt like a trespasser,
In the Valley of Musicians Souls.....
So I woke up and practiced.
Neonman, your critiques are not only welcolmed. They are sought.

Oh my goodness, this is exquisite! I was enchanted from the very first two lines. The poems just sings and dances with life and love. I think this must have come to you in a dream, or else your muse is fanciful today. It is so otherworldly and whimsical. I must say, I really love this poem. Thank you.

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