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Is it bad to put too much stuff in the pocket of a cello case?

I have a cello case (padded) and it comes with one pocket for carrying music. I want to put a binder in there, put it feels too tight. It fits, but like i said its too tight. Should i put the binder in the pocket, or not?

And also, the pocket is on the back of the cello case, right behind the back of the cello where the sound post is.

If it's too snuggly, it might not be the best place to put that binder. It's always better to put hard binders in a separate music bag, so that if your cello is set down on a bad angle, the binder won't hit/pierce through the cello.

You can put the binder wherever you want, but it's a risk that I wouldn't take...
Hope this helps!

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