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How do I memorize my marching band music?

OK, so I play the trombone. I have to go to this parade thing and I can't take my flip book with me. In case you don't know, a flip book is the thing you attach to the bell of the trombone and it has your music. Anyways, I just joined marching band and I can't remember the songs for the parade. Can you give me tips on what to do? Thanks!

Just play the songs a lot. I know that sounds stupid, but it does help. I played the alto sax in the marching band last year (now I can't play the sax because of my hands being deformed), and what I would do is hum your part of the song a lot. Again, sounds stupid, but it helps. Also, are you allowed to take your flipbook on the bus or something? If you can, then study your music then.

Another thing that I did was record myself playing my part along with the other people in the band on an mp3 player that has a voice recorder in it, and then listen to the mp3 file often. Soon enough, the songs will be stuck in your head, and then you'll want to know how to get them out of your head!

Hope this helps, and have fun with marching band! I know I did! :)

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