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What is a 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece for large shank trombone considered?

I plan to buy a Kelly Mouthpiece (Large Shank Trombone) for my new Blessing I ordered. But they don't make 6 1/2 AL so I am thinking the mouthpieces for larger shank trombones are considered something else. Can you help?

The mouthpieces Kelly offers are based on mouthpieces made by other brands.

Kelly 5G = Bach 5G
Kelly 51-D = Shilke 51-D
Kelly 1-1/2G = Bach 1-1/2G

The 1-1/2G is a bass trombone mouthpiece, you don't want that one. Both of the other two are larger than the 6 1/2AL you are used to, but the 5G will be closer in feel. Check out this comparison chart to see exactly how much the sizes differ:

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