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Does anyone know where I can get mini flags of the world? Read the details carefully please.?

I am looking for a very specific type of flag sticker. I plan to take a country's flag and adhere the sticker to a push needle, and place it into the corresponding country on a map, marking every country I have been to. I want a double sticker of sorts. One that can be wrapped around a push needle and then stuck to itself to display the flag design on both sides, rather than one side being a flag and the other side being the blank, sticky back of a sticker. I can not find them anywhere, nor do I know where to look to find them.Please help.

I'm assuming that you want flags very similar in size to the US flags that you see on toothpicks. I've done some model work using flags like this. Here's what I would do. You will need some sort of photo software like photo shop, or picture it. I use picture it. It's pretty common. Search for the flags you want in your favorite search engine. Right click on them and save them to the picture software. Now you can size them with the picture software to the size that you need. Some flags like the US flag have to be reversed for the other side, you should be able to do that. You may have to experiment until you get the size you want. When you do you cut the flag from the paper and then use a very light coating of glue like Elmers to wrap around your pin. Or better yet use a label paper with peel and stick back. Avery makes somes, you can get it at office supply stores or most Walmart K-Mart type stores. Print a couple out on regular paper first until you get the result that you want. Good luck.

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