Euphonium Baritone

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What brass instrument would you recommend?

I currently play trumpet (for 5 years) and I kind of want to play another intrument. My band lacks a euphonium/baritone and tuba. We have a French horn already but I hear its hard as hell to learn. But I've always liked the sound of the euphonium. I don't plan on switching entirley but just play one for amusment (so jazz band I play trumpet and pitt I play the other). But would you even recommend another? Being mouthpiece changes and so would it mess up or weeken my ombechure for the other? Btw I play 1st trumpet on a xeno so I'm already well settled with it but I still want to try another.

the answer depends on how much time you are willing to practice each day. If you dont plan on alot of practice then f horn would be the best choice(not saying its easier!) i just mean the mouthpieces are the closest to each other. If you really want to double then you need at least an hour a day practicing both instruments and switch between the two constantly. After a small while(a week tops) your embouchure will stop suffering and you will be able to switch with hardly any warmup between the two. Also your embouchure will be stronger than ever!!!

WARNING! if at anytime during these practices your lips start vibrating after you stop playing, immediately grab a small piece of ice and apply until thee buzzing stops. That buzzing WILL RUIN your lip muscles, (kind of like pushing yourself too far at a gym)

Another note is that with the larger mouthpiece the bari-euph is alot easier to lip tune once you figure out the embouchure. With the f horn the tuning is mostly in the bell, but here's the fun fact that makes it difficult.
With the amount of tubing the F horn(*Bb side*) is made of it is actually naturally in the range of the F tuba(Bb Baritone) but the horn is played in the Alto register. As a trumpet player yourself you should know what a small mouthpiece means and how difficult upper range intervals become when Trumpets scream. Well the F horn is practically screaming with its normal tuning note and with that the intervals are the hardest thing about the this monster.

I hope this helped, and that it wasn't too confusing, :D good luck

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