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How do you read the bass clef, and treble clef at the same time for piano?

and is the piano look alike instruments the only ones that uses, the grand staff.
are there instruments that only uses the bass clef only besides maybe bass guitar

To be able to read both clefs at the same time, you'll have to learn each clef separately before you put the two together. Once you are confident with each clef, try putting them together and sight-reading stuff. You'll have to figure out where to move your hands and stuff too and get that in your muscle memory. It will take a while to get everything down but after a few years, you'll be playing like it's nothing. Trombone, baritone, tuba, bass clarinet I think, and other lower instruments all read bass clef. Bass guitar reads bass clef too. Other instruments that you see in the band and such use only one clef. I hope that answers all of your questions.

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