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Does anyone have examples of really amusing incidents related to making music?

I'm thinking specifically of true incidents related to orchestral or wind band music. Part of a novel I'm writing needs some more examples and, if you send a response, I will assume you are happy for me to use it in the novel.

I know several from my time in marching band in high school:

1. During a half time show one Friday night, a transformer blew, turning out the lights on one side of the stadium while shooting sparks out. The crowd thought it was fireworks and part of our show. They applauded with great enthusiasm while we finished in semi-darkness.

2. As part of our band uniforms, we had suspenders to help keep our pants up. One of our bass drummers misplaced his on night and decided to march without them. While on the football field during the halftime show, his pants fell down to his ankles. To get them up, he had to stop marching, dismount his bass drum, and pull them up.

3. At another football game, the field was surrounded by a track. At half time a mosquito spraying truck made two circles around the track to kill the insects gathering around the lights. We played our half time show while it rained mouths, hard backed beetles, and other things all around us.

4. The last story. As part of her routine, a majorette twirled a flaming baton during one of the songs. She sprayed too much hair spray not only on her hair, but apparently all over and her panty hose disintegrated as she maneuvered her baton too close to her leg! Her dad was on the sidelines with a blanket for such occasions and she was unhurt.

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